Those ten inevitable things...

1) The permanent suspicion that greets your statement of feeling unwell. The irony? They send absolute fakers home in a jiff while they make you wait even though you feel your life force ebbing away
2)The VP's tendency to look you up from bottom to top (and not the reverse) Why? Because capris are not allowed!
3) The way people say "I didn't study at ALL. God knows what's gonna happen to the test!" Yeah, right. Like we didn't know you stayed up the whole night feverishly trying to get everything done. Who are you trying to fool??
4) Call from the college on a holiday: "There's going to be a special class only for a select few. VERY important learning secrets...EVERYONE's going to be there...if you don't come, you'll be the only one left out." You hurry to the college and guess what...not a soul in sight. Don't fall for THAT again.
5) The way the staff assume that we will continue studying if we are not informed of our break-times. Oy,people, what are you getting paid for??!
6) The habit of laughing at really dumb jokes but remaining straight-faced at the really rib-cracking ones. What is with that? Let me tell is NOT a good thing to let out an enormous snort of laughter in a completely silent room.
7) The whole "sucking-up-to-brainy-people" that you will find everyehwere you go. Doesn't make it any less sickening though. Some of the social climbers around really make you want to throw up your lunch.
8) There is a special class of people. It consists of specimens who, at first, ask you a question. You are kind enough to reply. They demand to know the reason behind your answer. Okay, you have the infinite patience required to answer that as well. They, however, continue to harass you with more inane questions until you either change your viewpoint or make a flimsy excuse and walk out of the room. Conclusion: If I really needed that, I would much rather go put my head in a shredder. There are better ways to do this.
9) This masochistic tendency that people have that makes them favour other people who go around being really sarcastic about them. What is with that?
10) The delirious screams of joy that can be heard from the neighbouring classes in the event of a "bandh". It really hurts, you know, when you know you have to stay put for the whole day AND you know you have Double Physics!!

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