Didn't I tell you it was long...

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"“I don’t hunt people, oh no!
I only try to help, if I may.
I find poor souls lost in the forest
And guide them on the proper way.”

I spotted boots and scarves lying around
And turned with a questioning glance.
“What are those, then?”
“Me, hunt people? Not a chance.”

“Why, those are just gifts from those
Poor lost travelers, in gratitude.
Not remains, dear sir, I assure you. Just
Tokens for showing them the right latitude.”

“Oh, I see.” I said, disconcerted.
“Then the villagers must be mistaken!”
“Yes, they surely are. I shouldn’t blame
The poor things, but I’m shaken!”

“Such a peaceful creature am I.
Well, for this at least, I’m glad
Due to their stories, after long,
A visitor is to be had!”

I felt sorry for the poor creature
As the Draconis clapped in glee.
“Now, Mr. Hunter, won’t you
Sit down and have some tea?”

It showed me into its house
And bade me sit on a stool.
“I’m sorry to say it but I
Think the villagers are fools!”

“They thought I hunted people
As some were disappearing.
That’s because the road to the
Town is through this clearing.”

And off the Draconis went
To do the evening cooking.
And off I went. Through the
Monster’s chambers I went looking.

Not long, before I heard,
Distantly, an unhappy whine.
On hearing it, a cold chill
Ran down my spine.

I ran out, far into the clearing
When I saw a cage of fair size.
I turned, to find the Draconis
Staring intently into my eyes."

To be continued in the next post...

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