Poem continued...

I like rhythmic poems, so the poetry I write always rhymes. I also like a “twist in the tale”, so keep reading...

The next few stanzas:

"“Now you must answer the
Question you evade…”
“His name? He answers only to
“The Draconis”, I’m afraid.”

“I’m starting out to see
If I can find this fearsome beast.”
“Be careful, for if he finds you,
He’ll have you for a feast.”

I battled the merciless currents.
I faced the hanging vines.
I fought the wild animals
And at last, found some signs

That the monster existed.
In a vast clearing in the bog,
Shadowy, with the river running beside it,
Was a house made of logs!

Whatever was a house here for?
I wondered. It was clear
That no monster of any kind
Lived and hunted here.

Expecting to meet a friendly hunter,
I stepped up to the knocker
But what happened next
Surely was a shocker!

A scaly green creature
With the most purple eyes ever
With acclaimed claws and teeth present,
It whistled, saying: “Well, I never!”

It stood there, struck dumb,
While its eyes strayed to my gun.
Assuming a strange expression,
It cried “Now, this is some fun!”

“Not many visitors here, you know.
But you are a hunter surely
Here to clear up those tales
And perhaps even to lure me

Into a trap and kill me!”
Said the Draconis, in lamentation.
“Maybe I will, maybe not.” I said.
“First, I want a proper explanation.”

To be continued...

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Just someone said...

Your rhymes are great!