Wow...so somebody's reading after all...cool.
I've got a poem on the way, an early one of mine. It was composed when I was in Class 8 (read 13 years old). It's called "Potion Notions". Here it comes...

Potion Notions

A poem by Anushya S.B.

"Old Grandma is up to mischief
Not doing what she normally should.
Slipping into the forest
In a cloak and an old grey hood,
You can just tell that
She’s up to no good…
Her grey mop tucked
Underneath her hideous hat,
Clutching her broomstick,
Followed by her faithful black cat;
She goes hunting in the forest,
Hunting for this and that…
First she goes hunting for mushrooms:
Fly Agarics and Death Caps…
All guaranteed to cause
Greatest misfortune and mishap
Next comes the Flegora tree
And its poisonous green sap…"


Potion Notions (continued..)

P.S.: You must have got used to long poems by now...you just have to, because I don't and can't write short ones!

"And then comes old Mrs. Twitch
Asking to be reverted to childhood
“I don’t know! I think I’ll try”
Says Mrs. Twitch: “You definitely should!”
And then they both hurry
And scurry out of the woods…
Setting off for Grandma’s hut
To start making the magical brew,
She’d certainly use the frog’s legs
For she’d cut them as soon as they grew.
She wouldn’t use the Rowsdrop,
For its sources were very few…
Meanwhile Mrs. Twitch says:
“I want to be young and beautiful again.”
Grandma mutters: “I’ll put this in;
Picked when the moon was on its wane.”
“I’ll add some spiced Regolda.”
She murmurs: “Maybe some sugarcane.”

Yup, there's more...

Attack of the long poems...(muahhahah!!)


"The cauldron simmers and shimmers
With sinister green smoke.
Seeing which Mrs. Twitch
Coughs, sneezes and chokes.
Saying: “I certainly couldn’t gulp that
Just as I couldn’t eat my cloak!”
But she bravely swallows it
And ages all backwards and as she
Reaches the stage, Grandma shouts
“That’s perfect! Not a year backward or forward!”
But in fact, Mrs. Twitch doesn’t stop
And goes on to grow to an infant!

The growing and changing all
Stop with the sound of a gong
Muses Grandma: “I didn’t mean to
Make her so young, something’s wrong!”
She stands thinking about her failed potion
While the child sings a little song!"

THE END...hey, at least it wasn't as long as the first one!!

Back with a bang...

Well, it's right in the middle of the CBSE Board Examinations and I'm blogging...
Weird but true. Anyway, my thanks to the people who actually take the trouble to read this. This time, I thought I'd introduce something other than poems..people must be sick of my poetry by now. Stay tuned...

On a roll

That's what I am going to be from now on...now that I have the time to do so. I wanted this post to be something different. So, this post is going to be a review.
Gerald Durrell. Name strike a chord of recognition?
Well, for one thing, he was a world-famous conservationist. He worked to save several species from extinction. Another thing, he set up a famous zoo to showcase his collection of rare and exotic animals, brought up by him and his family. Third thing, he grew up in a tropical paradise of the name of Corfu, Greece.
Well, if it still doesn't strike anything. Then here goes...he wrote a series of wonderfully fresh and funny books highlighting the quirks of the animal as well as human world.
This review is about three books "My Family and Other Animals", "Birds, Beasts and Relatives" and "The Garden of the Gods"- all of them autobiographical.
In these books, Durrell sketches out the details of his early years spent in Corfu and provides amusing anecdotes of his long-suffering family members and pets. Featured, are Gerald's mother, Mrs. Durrell, his diet-obsessed sister Margo, his sarcastic brother Larry, his "ballistic" borther Leslie, his dog Roger and their driver-cum-friend-cum-odd jobs man Spiro. And I promise you, each of these books has the capability of sending you into peals of laughter. (continued...)


...The reader can instantly visualise the young boy, surrounded by his whimsical family. His pets, including a donkey, a turtle, several dogs, toads, owls, hedgehogs to name a few.
Durrell's writing style is what makes the books special. His knack of penning down just the right words to describe a heavenly location or narrating a comical incident is truly admirable.
I can say that I've had many happy hours reading these books and I can promise you the same if you decide to read them for yourself.
My favourite parts of the books: Margo's spiritualism, Larry's literary friends, the maid Lugaretzia, Mrs. Durrell's dog Dodo and Spiro's conversations.

Final verdict: Read it, read it..!!!