Don't miss the end...

Here's the ending of the out for the twist..!

"“Poor thing, it’s stuck! So sad!
Maybe the breeze blew and the door shut.
Dogs should never come here.
It didn’t know, poor mutt!”

The Draconis said, pityingly.
Opening the door, it beckoned to me.
“You must coax it out, Mr. Hunter.
Dogs don’t like monsters, you see.”

I agreed, for the sake of the dog,
To go inside and make a dash.
But once I was in, the Draconis
Shut the door in a flash.

It laughed wickedly, and for long.
“You fell for a tale so tall.
Mr. Hunter, you should have listened
To your people after all!”

It stood there, grinning slyly
And its teeth gleaming in the light.
“I have humans for a tasty treat
Once in a while, that’s right!”

“It’ll be your turn next.
Your time will come soon.
But not yet, I’m saving you
Up until the full moon.”

It said and left, rubbing
Its scaly green hands in glee.
People reading this, somehow,
Please come and rescue me!"

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sush said...

Cute! Very cute!